The earthquake
Over the centuries, the historical events of Calabria have been conditioned by seismic events which sometimes affected large portions of the territory (such as the earthquake of February – March 1783), other times much more circumscribed areas but with equally serious effects. Two years after the earthquake of 8 September 1905, around 9:30 pm on

Camporeale and its history

Camporeale is a Comune of 2983 inhabitants, in the province of Palermo. It rises in the high valley of the Belice river at 440 meters above sea level, on the border of the provinces of Palermo, Trapani and Agrigento. From Makella to the foundation It seems that the city of Makella or Macella (from the

Camporeale e la sua storia

Camporeale è un Comune di 2983 abitanti, in provincia di Palermo. Esso sorge nell’alta valle del fiume Belice a 440 metri sul livello del mare, al confine delle province di Palermo, Trapani e Agrigento. Da Makella alla fondazione Sembra che nel territorio di Camporeale sorgesse un tempo la città di Makella o Macella (di epoca
Collesano - Panorama
In this article we offer some brief notes on the foundation of Collesano and the list of surnames present in the 1747 census. Collesano is a Sicilian town of 3854 inhabitants. It is part of the Metropolitan City of Palermo and is located in the Madonie area, on the slopes of Mount Grotta del Signore
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