Niscemi is a town of 25639 inhabitants, located in the province of Caltanissetta. Its vast territory, inhabited since ancient times, in the Middle Ages was part of the county of Grassuliato (a castle-farmhouse a few kilometers from Mazzarino). The Branciforti family, owner of this vast feudal domain, between the end of the sixteenth century and
The history of Ficarazzi can be documented with certainty since 1290. Between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries it became famous for the production of cane sugar. In this article we will offer a brief historical overview of its foundation, together with the list of families present in its first census (1751). THE ORIGINS The territory
Pentedattilo view
Pentedattilo was founded around 640 BC. from Chalcidian settlers (the name derives from the Greek πέντα-δάκτυλος (pènta-daktylos), that is “five fingers”, with the particular shape of the rocky relief overlooking the town), and due to its position it soon became an important commercial and strategic center. The foundation of the current village was caused by
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