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Below you will find some of the services offered by the Centro Meridionale Ricerche Genealogiche.

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Documented research of the genealogical tree

For ALL the families, also the ones with humble origins, it is possible to perform a genealogical research. Yesterday same as today, the acts of birth, baptism, wedding and death were filed for all the people without difference of social class. Starting from certain data and from the reminders that the customer can provide on his own family, the research goes backwards documenting either direct ancestors or their brothers and sisters. For each document found, a picture is taken (when allowed) or the certificates are requested to the competent civil or ecclesiastic authorities. Data inside documents are used to trace a biographical profile of each member of the family, as a sort of personal dossier. Such dossiers, filed in chronologic order according to the year of birth are then bound in an elegant volume.

Family volumeThe volume is complete with one or more genealogical tables and with the copies of the original documents (or certificates) with indications of archives references. The customer therefore has the possibility to check personally the exactness of the research as well as of the presented documents. All data referred to physical and juridical persons are treated according to Italian Laws on the protection of personal data (Privacy Law 196/03).

Family volumeFamily volumeFamily volume

Genealogical researches for succession

The genealogical research for succession service is intended for people who believe they have the right to succeed to a deceased person but also to all professionals who have been appointed to handle the inheritance until the heirs are found. Since many years, the Center offers its co-operation to Law Firms, in Italy and abroad, specialized in the search of heirs of deceased people without close relatives and the consequent liquidation of the inheritance. Starting from data related to deceased person and his parents, the Center tracks back the genealogy of the most recent generation of the family (both on mother's and on father's side) until the closest relatives of the deceased are identified.

Etymological researches on Italian Family names

Based on studies published by eminent philologists and linguists as well as on records and transcription of document of Middle Ages, the Center is capable of providing useful indications on the etymology of a lot if Italian Family names (in particular of those from Sicily and Southern Italy), on their oldest testimonies and on their geographical distribution within the Country.

Genealogical researches for the admission to Orders of Knightood

For those willing to be admitted to a Chivalry Order requiring the providing of historical certifications concerning the applicant's ancestors, the Center can perform accurate researches and consequently provide the would-be Knight with all the necessary certificates, though this cannot guarantee the admission by the selected Order.

Heraldry and nobility researches

While it is clear that the Center does not intend to foment the vanity and ambitions of those believing to come from an aristocratic family (maybe just because of some dusty uncertain documents or pictures found), the research of documentation on history of aristocratic titles of a family and heraldic researches are services provided by the Center only in the following case and for the following categories:

  • For all customers who have a genealogical research done by the Center that demonstrates, through relevant documents, that they clearly boast illustrious ancestors;
  • For old aristocratic families still owning the aristocratic title;
  • For teachers, researchers or historians who are working on articles or editorials for newspapers, magazines or cultural events.

The Center does not issue certificates of nobility and does not sponsor the enrollment in directories or lists of nobility.