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Our database

Over the course of its thirty-year activity, the Center has collected hundreds of thousands of genealogical data in numerous databases. The list of databases is constantly updated.

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ALIA, Palermo: Civil vital records 1820-1910

BUTERA, Caltanissetta: Riveli (census) 1748

CARINI, Palermo: Riveli (census) 1652

CHIARAMONTE GULFI, Ragusa: Riveli (census) 1747

FICARAZZI, Palermo: Riveli (census) 1748

FOGGIA, Foggia: Catasto onciario (census) 1741

MUGNANO DEL CARDINALE, Avellino: Catasto onciario (census) 1754

NOCIGLIA, Lecce: Catasto onciario (census) 1746

PALERMO, Palermo: Births 1820-1905 A-Z

PALERMO, Palermo: Births 1906-1915 A-K

PALERMO, Palermo: Deaths 1820-1905 A-Z

PALERMO, Palermo: Marriages 1820-1905 A-Z

RAGUSA, Ragusa: Riveli (census) 1607

ROVITO, Cosenza: Catasto onciario (census) 1743

SANTO STEFANO QUISQUINA, Agrigento: Riveli (census) 1748

SCORDIA, Catania: Riveli (census) 1623

TERMINI IMERESE, Palermo: Riveli (census) 1747

TERRAVECCHIA, Cosenza: Catasto onciario (census) 1743

TRABIA, Palermo: Civil vital records 1820-1858

VILLAFRATI, Palermo: Riveli (census) 1748 

If you are interested in a search in our database Click here!